Wiener Dog by Ernest Papay Mayders Dachshunds | Nazareth, PA 18064
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We are dedicated to breeding AND specializing in TRUE long haired English Creams Dachshunds

Welcome and thank's for visiting our four legged weiner family!!! 

We are a large family of 12, located in Upper Nazareth Township, 
In Eastern Pennsylvania. We are "Kennel FREE"! My dog's live in our home and have a large fenced in area where they run and play. They are all well socialized with other dog's, great with kids, and other animal's. All our dog's and puppies reside in my home under foot and all puppies are handled from birth, to be well rounded puppies and grow into great tempered adults with awesome personalities! Between me and my husband we have 10 children between the ages of 1 year  though 20 years old, and all the puppies that are born, are born within eye sight of our kids and spoiled by the hands of our children on a daily bases. 

All our dog's are AKC registered ,Full AKC to APPROVED small home based or show breeders only! 100% NO PUPPY MILLS OR FARMS!! 
Interviews with interested puppy owners will be conducted in our home, no puppy will ever be sold without us meeting the prospective family. If at anytime we feel a placement of a puppy would not be a good  fit, we reserve the right and will deny a sale of our puppies because the welfare of our puppies is our top priority and will always be. 

I will "NOT" and "DO NOT" sell to puppy mill's, Breeding farm's, or pet stores! Nor will i ever buy any dogs or puppies from any of the above mentioned.  Pet puppies are all sold under a spay/neuter contract, Limited AKC paperwork will not be released till the proof of spay or neuter has been provided to us by a licensed vet. 

Again I reserve the right to deny sale to anyone i feel wouldn't be a good fit for our dachshund babies! We put a lot of time into raising these puppies and we wanna make sure they don't go to just anyone, we want each one of them to have their own, special, forever home! 

Don't support puppy mills......! Those little faces behind the glass at your local mall might look very cute,
but let's face it, you have no idea where that puppy came from and you have "NO IDEA" what your getting!. Here we have parents on site, and proof of health and vaccinations will be provided! I will not and do not ship puppies so please don't ask me to do so. I can and will meet someone half way if you live within a 300 mile area to approved homes only, but a meeting and interview has to take place at our home first. No exceptions. If you can't make it to us, to see where your puppy has been born and raised? Then you most likely are not the type of person we want raising our babies. 

I follow all my puppies for life, at any time if you can no longer care for the dog, regardless of the reason, we will take the dog back, no questions asked. We offer a full free set of puppy shots and yearly boosters to every puppy that is adopted from us, we want to make sure our dachshund babies are protected and have a good start in life....So if your looking for a breeder who care's about the dog's rather then selling for mass quantity, 
look no further.........Now i believe that is piece of mind!! 
BEST APPEARING SMALL GROUP: 4th place to Christie and kids Mayders Dachshunds of Nazareth, Published in Nazareth Patch. October 2011. 
Nazareth Halloween Parade October 15h 2011


Best Appearing Small group {FIRST PLACE}
2015 Bath Firemans Halloween Parade

Breeder of AKC dachshunds in Nazareth Pennslvyanna, 18064 , Mayder Falk Dachshunds of Northeastern , Pa English Cream long haired Dachshunds. 

Mayder's Dachshunds in the Bath Firemans Halloween Parade October 2015
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