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~About Mayders Falk Dachshunds~
My name is Chrissy, i am a former Phlebotomist and EMT by trade, and a Dachshund lover by night.... I am the mother of 8 wonderful kids, and Step mother of 2, ages 19 to newborn, who help spoil our dogs from the moment they are born. My husband "David" and i met in 2012, after i was already breeding dachshunds and from the moment i met him, he was always a big Rottweiler type guy, but these little wieners sure won over his heart. You can say "He converted to wiener" lmao  My husband and i make sure each one of our puppies goes to the right home , where they are gonna be cared for and loved for a lifetime. My husband is in the Military and i am in the medical field, between us we have a lot of love and experience raising dachshunds, to make sure you take home a healthy and sweet dog that will give you and your family years of enjoyment and love!!  We breed for QUALITY  "NOT QUANITY " my female dog's are only bred once a year, and are retired when they become advance maternal age, i don't believe in just throwing two dogs together and "seeing what happens" i believe each breeding should be planned, "right genes" right standard" better the breed! I'm not a puppy mill in the least, and by no means a puppy broker, we are just a small close family who breed dachshunds closest to the AKC standard and to give you the best possible dachshund , well socialize , and healthy for years to come! Bottom line, these dogs are a part of my family, and i care about the welfare of all of them! If your expecting a breeder who disappears after the sale, then you are gonna need to look further, but if your looking for a caring, honest breeder, who is willing to stand by, and behind her puppies for life, then we are just what your looking for.............Any "GOOD" breeder would tell you the same :")
~Mayders Dachshunds code of ethics~
~reputable breeders will never sell or trade their puppies for pennies on the dollar", reputable breeders will go out of their way to find the right forever homes for the puppies they are bringing into this world, even if it means less money in their pocket and short changing themselves, cause at the end of the day, the animals welfare is what matters, and money is only a number! If you can't attach human emotion and love for the animals your raising, get the hell out of the business!~ I would never give my puppies to anyone who didn't feel the same!
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