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Entries: 17 Mayder Falk Dachshunds Guest book from Maydersdachshunds.com 

Tammy CuppTuesday, 6/23/20, 1:43 PM

My husband and I just purchased our puppy Fin from Mayder Falk Dachshunds on 6-13-20. I had Christie’s contact info for years and Knew when I was ready she would be our breeder. I have never met a breeder more knowledgeable and honest than Mayder Falk, she will tell you anything and is totally honest and upfront. Her dogs and puppy’s are absolutely beautiful and our Fin is the sweetest boy ever. Their puppy’s are family to them So when they come home to you they have been handled and loved on. I cannot say anything but good things about this breeder she knows her stuff. Don’t hesitate to contact Mayder Falk Dachshunds. About the dachshund breed. Again our Fin is gorgeous EE Cream make. If your looking for a EE Cream don’t think twice about contacting this breeder.

Name of Dog/Puppy you adopted Fin

JustineMonday, 6/22/20, 8:18 PM

Words can not even express how happy we are with our dog, Jack. We followed Mayder Falk Dachshunds for a while. We found Christie to be so knowledgeable and really take pride in how she breeds dachshunds. She always answers our questions and she’s very helpful. She’s also very honest! Jack is almost one years old. He’s wonderful! He’s so sweet, loving and playful with us and our young children. Just the best temperament. He’s also so handsome. Once you get one of these sweet puppies, you’ll always feel connected to the Mayder Falk Dachshund Family!

Name of Dog/Puppy you adopted Jack

Michelle BauerTuesday, 6/16/20, 5:41 PM

We cannot thank Christie enough. She goes above and beyond with her puppies. She is a great breeder, well-informed, courteous and most importantly REAL. She told us everything we wanted and needed to know about our pup. She took more than enough time to ensure we had everything we needed for our baby girl Sawyer as well as allowed us to remain in continuous contact with her. I'm so happy to be part of the Mayder Falk Family and could not have asked for a better experience. We are so truly happy and in love with Sawyer. Thank you so much for everything!!!!

From:Harrisburg, PA
Name of Dog/Puppy you adopted Sawyer

Kristin TaylorSaturday, 4/25/20, 11:50 AM

I have been watching your posts for some time. Your dogs and puppies are amazing. You do an incredible job. I like your husband used to be a big dog person.. all labs and rotties. 7 years ago i fell in love w a doxie. He has turned our world upside down.We love him so much and they are fantastic dogs. I would love a bunch of them!! My lab now 15 maybe not so much. But we would Love to add another. We would love to be added to your list. Thank you


Frances GatewoodWednesday, 10/2/19, 7:43 PM

My girl Gena came from Hound House Farm. I like to see what breeders are putting out and their facilities. No puppy mill purchases.

From:Dallas Tx

Kathy StalterWednesday, 6/19/19, 5:12 PM

The most impressive breeder I’ve known! Mayder-Falk is a true family breeder. Their dogs are raised and cared for with love. They are professional as well. I can’t say enough about their puppies & dogs!

From:Long Island, NY
Name of Dog/Puppy you adopted English Cream “Monty”

Judi GlosterFriday, 6/7/19, 12:19 PM

We are 💯 happy with JoJo! He has a beautiful face, coat and is very healthy. Christie is the best breeder of Dachshunds in my opinion. We got JoJo April of 2018. Christie is always there to answer any questions or concerns. So glad I found MayderFalk Dachshunds

Name of Dog/Puppy you adopted English Cream named JoJo ❤️

Kristy DarbyFriday, 6/7/19, 9:36 AM

We adopted Bounty from 12/8/18 litter. He’s an amazing dog. Super smart with a great personality. I talked with Christie for almost a year before we got him. We had dachshunds before and I just like to watch the interaction if possible. I also like to keep in contact with the breeders I buy from. Christie is very upfront and open. She works with you and gives you info that you need. She’s wonderful!!! I highly recommend her.

From:York Haven, Pa
Name of Dog/Puppy you adopted Bounty

Barb LitzenbergerFriday, 4/27/18, 8:39 AM

We have a shaded red, 7yrs old from another breeder.Luci wants a sister and I want a baby.

From:Ephrata, Pa
Name of Dog/Puppy you adopted Waiting for a sample, she will be Sofia

Cherie SwinkSunday, 10/1/17, 9:05 PM

From:Effort, PA
Name of Dog/Puppy you adopted Smitty

Karan KeimMonday, 6/19/17, 9:12 AM

I am the owner of three fur babies. They are the best dogs ever. Such great dispositions and so sweet. My friend Chrissy is a wonderful person and goes over and above for everyone.

From:Bethlehem PA
Name of Dog/Puppy you adopted Piper, Kayden & Ripley

Peggy StoudtWednesday, 3/22/17, 6:48 PM

Willy is the best puppy we have ever adopted. Along with being a beautiful pup, he is so smart, alert and inquisitive. He has been such a fast learner and passed the AKC STAR Puppy Exam at 4 months. Willy gets along well with his 2 dachshund sister and is a loveable cuddlier. I would higher recommend a Mayer Falk Dachshund to anyone who wants a high-quality puppy as a forever companion.

From:Nazareth, Pennsylvania
Name of Dog/Puppy you adopted Wilhelm Maximilion, aka, Willy

Judy KrallThursday, 12/1/16, 11:03 AM

Last night was Heidi,first night with us. She is so beautiful and so good. I always have a puppy sleep in a cozy soft blanket filled crate. Big enough for her, bur not too big so she wants to go in it. She only carried on for maybe 10 min. and settled down to sleep. It's right next to my bed. She goes outside to do her lady business. 1 accident in the house so far. I get her and my other 3 girls out about every 20 min.esp with the puppy. She is just so precious!!! Love her to pieces!!

From:Lancaster, Pa
Name of Dog/Puppy you adopted Heidi

Judy KrallWednesday, 11/16/16, 2:03 PM

Just saw my sweet blondie girl the other day. All the dogs and puppies were adorable. Of course my new pup IS the CUTEST!! Can't wait to get her home in about 10 days to continue the loving and spoiling that Christie, her hubby and family give to all. Mayder Falk is trhe best place to adopt a new family member!! Thanks gang!! Judy

From:Lancaster, Pa
Name of Dog/Puppy you adopted not quite sure yet

Matt BartaliniFriday, 11/11/16, 8:12 AM

We got our puppy Bane back in March and he is the most lovable and sweet dog we could have asked for. We have had nothing but great experiences with the Mayders and would love another dog from them in the future.

Name of Dog/Puppy you adopted Bane

Marybeth MorrisonMonday, 11/7/16, 9:29 PM

We are thrilled with our dachshund that we adopted from Mayder Dachshunds. Our little girl is adorable, sweet, funny and beautiful and we would DEFINITELY get another puppy from here. If you are looking for a new little doxi puppy to add to your family, this is the place to adopt. We have recommended them to any of our friends who are considering this.

From:State College PA
Name of Dog/Puppy you adopted Mina

GinaMonday, 11/7/16, 9:29 PM

We got a dachshund puppy from Mayders dachshunds 2 years ago, and she has been a doll. We have bred her and she brought forth us some great little puppies I would recommend mayders to anyone in the market for a quality dachshund puppy.

Name of Dog/Puppy you adopted ginger

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