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Our puppy application is right here ^^^^^
Please download it and print it out. All the directions and next steps are in the application but if you still have questions feel free to email me, call me or message me. 
Please don't forget your name and phone number
Email's with lack of information will not be replied to

Our email address is above for your questions, concerns or comments, please click on it to send us a email.

~so please do not ask us to do so~
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If your interested in these litters please call or 
message me for a application 
No one will be placed on the waiting list 
without having filled out a application and sent in a deposit
AND having it approved by us.

litters are Subject to change without notice

"Stud service with any one of our available stud dachshunds is always available all year long, any day of the week. CALL for available times and pricing. " 

If you want on the waiting list for any of these litters, or future litters please contact me asap, these lists fill up fast.....

(484) 541-4994

Thanks, Mayder Falk Dachshunds


All puppies are priced at $1300.00 Pet ONLY. 

$1,900 Full AKC is AVAILABLE to small "APPROVED" home based breeders or Approved beginning breeders ONLY!

All puppies are priced the same, regardless of color, Confirmation or sex. 

Included with the price is:

Vangard 5: 1 Round of Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza & Parvo 
Bordatella Vaccine 
Microchipping ($17.50 dollar Register fee at time of pick up)
"Via AKC unite"
Life time breeder support
Invitation to our Annual Dachshund Reunion
Health record from birth
Custom birth certificate  
Up-to-date wormings
Agreement to a Spay or neuter contract "IF NOT A BREEDER"
Going home package includes Goodie bag and Blanket

But it will alway's remain transferrable to another litter.
Don't make a deposit or payments on a puppy, unless your willing to make a commitment!!! PERIOD!
No exceptions~~~

We also can deny sale of any puppy, at any time, for ANY REASON, If we think the placement of the puppy would endanger the welfare of its life or well being. We reserve that right. If you have any questions about this, or anything else i didn't cover, please feel free to call me anytime~ The adoption of a puppy is a serious commitment , one that we believe should be taken seriously.......Mayder Falk Dachshunds

This waiting list is a general waiting list for upcoming future litters 

This list was updated 10/18/2020

1} David Bachetti 
2} Jackie Stoker  
3} Grey Webster  
4} Victoria Rizzo
5} Pat Fry  
6} Jill Zitomer  
7} Amy Melok & Gail Melok  
8} Deb & Tim Brown 
9} Pamela Mease 
10} Lynne Packwood  
11} J. Paul FitzGerald  
12} Emma Nelson  
13} Jennifer Duffy Want's to wait till Spring 2021
14} Cheryl Tyler
15} Deborah Passeri  
16} Abby Sneenringer  
17} Caren & Tom Martin  
18} Johnathan Girard  
19} Maria Baker  
20} Erika Deissler  
21} Marissa O'Brien & Matt Goodwin  
22} Maureen Quinones  
23} Mark Getz  
24} Christina Hagan  
25} Brandi Nelson  
26} Sarah Nichols  
27} Katelyn Bonanni 
28} Sarah Giberson 
29} Alanna Corwin  
30} Daphne Swadado Barker "Rick" 
31} Chelsea Guerin July 2021
32} Karen Smith  
33} Morgan Gipe
34} Christine & Nicolas  
35} Danielle Modica  
36} Madeline Deluca 
37} Toby Klump
38} Danielle Selzer
39} Carol Young/
40} Carly Nixon
41} Valaie Fendelson
42} Christopher Prough
43} Jennifer Mcbride
44) Kirk 
45) Penny Stambaugh
46) Kimberly Butler
47) Elizabeth Hansen
48) Carolin Guentut
49) Laura Hitchings
50) Katherine & Mitchell
51) Noelle Cognat 
52) Private (Goverment agent)
53) Lisa Conway & Joseph 

 if there is anyone i miss, call me!!!
Also if you ever see anyone on our waiting list
who has a know criminal history with cruelty to animals
or just a history of mistreating animals
please call us anytime of day or night!
We take this very seriously!! 


Current confirmed pregnancies and planned future breedings
updated 10/18/2020
~Expecting litters~
Lisa Marie & Marvin 
Lisa and Milo ARE pregnant!!!
Lisa is confirmed with a due date of November 1st, 2020. We can confirm 2 babies for her and Milo. 
Stop by for updates as the weeks go on. 

Lisa and Milo are being paired for Lisa's 4th litter and Milo's first litter. This will be their first litter together. They would be expecting black and creams, shaded creams, Chocolate and cream and ee creams. No dapples expected as nether dog is dappled. 
 They are both very sweet dogs.....
and they compliment each other perfectly. 
We are excited to see Milo's very first litter. 

Dottie  & Milo
Dottie is confirmed pregnant and is 
expecting a large litter, Puppy count we think is 5+.  Dottie would be due November 28th, 2020
Stop back for more updates. 

Dottie is the daughter of our Marvin & Mable. She is a ee cream hidden dapple female. She has a beautiful temperment and personality to die for. She is our 5th generation of our own cream lines, we owned her Great-Great grand mother, who was our first dachshund in 2010. 
Milo is from a outside line, and the pairing will compliment each other nicely. We are excited for their pairing. We would expect all ee creams from the breeding. 
~Mable & Marvin~     
Mable is confirmed pregnant and is expecting
2 puppies with Marvin, Expected 
November 23rd, 2020. All ee creams expected. 
Stop back for updates. 

This is a repeat breeding. Mable and Marvin are the parents of our Dottie. They have show quaility puppies and are concidered a pair. They are always bred together. Mable is currently in season and if all goes well she would be due in May 2020. This will be her 3rd litter. She tends to have small litters, with her first litter being a litter of 3 and her second being a litter of 2. Litter size isn't always promised, but litter size is normally repeated in a females life, so we expect a small litter again, but that isn't always set in stone. Marvin is a amazing boy, with Cleared health testing, and PRA clear. Stud Service is also available. If your interested in this pairing, please stop by for updates in the coming weeks or check us out on facebook. 
~Livia & Milo~       
Livia is confirmed pregnant, she will
be due November 15th, 2020. She is having at least 5 puppies. All chocolates and chocolate based creams expected. Stop by for updates. 

This is a first pairing for these two. Milo is a chocolate based cream, and livia is a chocolate & Cream brindle dapple, so these two will have a all chocolate or chocolate based ee cream litter, in solid and dapple. Milo is our new sire from a outside line, and we are excited to use him in our breeding program. This will be our first chocolate litter in many years, so a little bit of different color in this house will be a welcomed change for one. 
ee creams and chocolate and creams are expected, if we get chocolate based creams, they will look just like their father milo. Check back towards the end of summer for a update on these two. 
~Pixie & Milo~
Pixie is confirmed pregnant and is expecting on November 15th, 2020 and is expecting at least 4 puppies. This will be a multi-colored litter since both carry everything but piebald. 
Stop back for updates on the puppies. 

This is Pixie and Milo's VERY FIRST pairing. Pixie's first litter. Both are amazingly calm, sweet dogs. We are very excited for this pairing, not only cause of having good genes, confirmation and temperment, but both dogs also carry for everything but Piebald. So we can expected, Chocolate and cream, Black and cream, ee cream, brindle, shaded cream, Isabella and cream, Blue and cream in solids and dapples. We are excited to add Milo to our  breeding program, to start off the 6th Generation of our own lines!!!! Very exciting times...